Andrew Fisher Bunner: An American in Venice

Andrew Fisher Bunner (1841-1897) was an American artist known for his landscapes and his scenes of Venice. Andrew Fisher Bunner’s Venice works are not only a reflection of his skills and interests as an artist, but a reflection on the American society that he was a product of. America during A.F. Bunner’s lifetime saw the Civil War, as well as the growth of industry, invention, and a sense of America as a leading world power. In his own paintings of Venice, he shows his early interest in the landscapes of the Hudson Valley School as well as the work of J.M.W Turner and James Whistler, both famous artists who created works on Venice. Andrew Fisher Bunner’s works combine the best of Turner’s and Whistler’s views of the city, retain his own early training in the Hudson Valley School, and reflect America’s growing sense of imperialism.

The Gilded Age and the Grand Tour

Biography of A.F. Bunner

His Early and Late Works

The Evolution of His Venetian Works

Final Paper on A.F. Bunner

Bunner Bibliography

Google Map of the locations depicted in Bunner’s Work


I may have found a painting titled on tuscany creek signed by AF Bunner. Can you tell me anything.
Thank you, Helen

Hello Helen. I’ve asked the student researcher to respond…and I hope she will. Good luck. Can you post an image of the work?

Hi Helen,

Bunner did many paintings of Europe and Italy during his many travels. If you go on The Met’s Website
You can search by artist name and find a number of sketches by Bunner. This might help you get a time frame for the picture. You can also feel free to send me pictures of the painting I can look through the catalog I have of Bunner’s paintings and see what I can find.

Unfortunately, many of Bunner’s paintings are undocumented. He died very early and childless and most of his personal documents and information have been lost to time.

I have taken pictures of the painting. How can I send them to you. Thank you, helen

you can feel free to send them to my email at

I also believe I have an original watercolor painting by Bunner. I have looked on the museum’s website and have found several pencil versions of the Venice scene that I have. Could you please tell me how I would go about getting the painting authenticated?

Thank you.


Dear Colleen, I’ll share your request with the researcher. Good luck on this!

Hi Colleen,

As a rule getting a work of art authenticated would be something an auction house could help you with if you want official documentation.

However, if you just want to know for your own benefit, Bunner had a very distinctive signature for his works. I can see about getting you a good close up of that so you can compare. If the work is a sketch, then it’s rare. I don’t know of any Bunner sketches outside of museums.

Hope that helps.

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