Casa di Risparmio, by Nervi and Scattolin (1964), det., photograph by Marjorie Och.

Casa di Risparmio, by Nervi and Scattolin (1964), det. (photograph by Marjorie Och)

The seminar is indebted to Jim Groom of the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Mary Washington not only for his instruction in technology, but for his generosity, enthusiasm, and commitment to our project.  Jim has worked with many of our art history and studio art majors — and with faculty in the department — and we have all benefited from his expertise and vision.  We thank you.

The seminar would also like to thank Christina Beltran for so expertly transporting us to the Piazzetta in our group photo.

And as always, I would like to thank the Department of Art and Art History and the University of Mary Washington for their support of faculty teaching initiatives.


a wonderful project! Congratulations.

I am a writer and teacher, presently drafting a novel set in 17th-century Venice. So your exhibit is of particular interest to me.

You’ve done a terrific job


I found this site a fountain of information for a term paper.

Thank You

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