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-The conclusions drawn from all aspect of the Venice Biennale make this one of the most unique artistic institutions in existence.

Given all the areas of outcome the Venice Biennale produces, this artistic foundation has either held onto its original values or adapted to fit the context of the times.  From the beginning, the exhibition was built on the standard of providing a place for a tremendous quantity of artwork from cross-cultural backgrounds. [25]   As the show progressed, its embracement of the avant-garde intensified.  The Biennale is and was intended to become an internationally traveled voyage as the viewer moves from one location to the next.  Though maneuvering from one space to space is not always so lucidly accomplished, the experience remains.  It has to be remembered that an organization based on international involvement to proficiently be accomplished time and time again, a structured set of ideals, plans, and communication systems need to be established and continuously adjusted to fulfill demands that arise from any state of affairs. [26]  World wars, political differences, economic restraints, censorship, gender issues, social disruptions, and stylistic change only graze the surface of problems the Venice Biennale had to overcome.  Through the exhibitions willingness and ability to adapt, its avant-garde ideals remain and will continue to shine and awe.
In this day and age, artistic institutions are not available to contemporary artists on a similar level as the Venice Biennale.  Having such a historical reputation juxtaposed with contemporary and future outlook on art, the Biennale becomes a sign of acknowledgment and enveloped into a temporal status.  It has developed into an ensuing statement of the historical context of global culture.  Just like the art it exhibits, the Biennale will continue to transform.  Bringing people of the world together through the visual arts is significantly accomplished while maintaining a reasonable amount of separation which evades the configuration of a single international style.  In addition, bringing those countries together while having that disconnection allows for strong sense of cultural identity to be formed.  It is an event that reminds us of the humanity in the world and how life does not just revolve around one’s respective homeland.  Having the ability to withstand so many changes in artistic content reassure the continued success of the exhibition.  The essence of the organization would be lost if an exhibition is only looked at as individual artworks with their own specific meanings.  Venice has been the frame in which the artwork is matted, but as every artist knows, having the right frame is just as important as the artwork that goes in it.  A movement should be taken to step back from art at large scale exhibitions to examine the organization inwhich it is structured, to further understand its purpose and appreciate what it is accomplishing.  From this reexamination, perhaps much of the controversies that create large issues in the art community will be looked at with new eyes.

25. Lawrence Alloway, 22.
26. Lawrence Alloway, 38.

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