Giambattista Tiepolo, 1696-1770

Giambattista Tiepolo was born in 1696 in the Corte San Domenico, Sestiere Castello in Venice. Although he was not from a wealthy family and had nine brothers and sisters, in 1710 Tiepolo entered into the workshop of one of the most successful painters in Venice at the time, Gregorio Lazzarini, who is considered Tiepolo’s only teacher. While there Tiepolo copied paintings by Tintoretto, Bassano, Salviati, and Titian, for practice. Lazzarini was a cultured artist who created a strong network of Venetian and external patrons.  As a painter Tiepolo was constantly traveling beyond Venice to undertake various commissions. From 1742 to 1745 Tiepolo was commissioned by the Corner family to produce The Tasso Cycle, four paintings that depict the story of Rinaldo and Armida, in the Palazzo Cornaro. These paintings occupied the Corner family’s palace in the room of mirrors. During this time Tiepolo was at the peak of his artistic career.The Tasso Cycle, commissioned by the Corner family, are the only depictions of Rinaldo and Armida that Tiepolo painted in Venice. It is also one of his most extensive series of Gerusalemme Liberata and the first time Tiepolo was inspired by a poem as his subject.

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