Bunner Bibliography


Primary Sources:

“Art and Artist: Summer Exhibition of the National Academy.” The Independent, v.23 i.1183, July 20, 1871. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=839030612&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed 09 September 2008).

This Article describes A.F. Bunner’s work of Colorado and his proficiency at creating landscapes

“DEATH LIST OF A DAY.” New York Times. New York, N.Y.: Apr 21, 1897. p. 7. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=101959520&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed 10 November 2008).

This newspaper clipping provided the date of Andrew Fisher Bunner’s death, his address at the time of his death, and information about him as an artist.

Edward Gay and Gay Family Papers 1854-1975. Archives of American Art. Reel D30. Text-Fiche.

This work provided me with a personal letter from Andrew Fisher Bunner to Edward Gay, and an article clipping about a trip that Andrew Fisher Bunner took with Edward Gay up a river through New York’s Hudson Valley where they would stop and display their paintings at parties along the way.

“Fine Arts: Art and Artist in New York. Third Paper.” The Independent, v.33 i.1685, November 17, 1881. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=840663462&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This article describes the power of Bunner’s landscape as well as the fame he has gained from his Venetian works.

“Fine Arts: National Academy.” The Independent, v.31 i.1584, April 10, 1875. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=840648422&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This work just briefly mentions Bunner’s work.

“Fine Arts: National Academy of Design, Fifty-Fifth Annual Exhibition.” The Independent, v.32 i.1636, April 8, 1880. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=840655922&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper article briefly mentions Bunner, and compares him, stating he is the better to C.C. Coleman.

“Fine Arts: The Academy Exhibition. Landscapes and Marines.” The Independent, v.34 i.1741, April 13, 1882. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=840426702&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper article provides a description of Bunner’s Venice works, states his fame, but mentions in this exhibit he shows off his diversity.

“Fine Arts: The Loan Collection at the Metropolitan Museum.” The Independent, v.33 i.1719, November 10, 1881. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=839298712&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper article contains information about what works, including some by Bunner, from the National Academy were displayed at the Met and states that he is the best American painter of Venice.

“Fine Arts: The Philadelphia Exhibition. The Academy.” The Independent, v.33 i.1721, November 24, 1881. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=840423952&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper article states that A.F. Bunner’s Venice works are greatly received by those who know Venice.

“Fine Arts: Water-Color Exhibition.” The Independent, v.34 i.1732, February 9, 1882. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=841337342&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper article is a glowing description of Bunner’s Venice works. They describe his technique and expertise.

Lathrop, George Parsons. “Wind and Water as Pictorial Elements.” The Monthly Illustrator for the Third Quarter of 1895. New York: Harry C. Jones, 1895: 150-154.

This article’s thesis is how artist depict wind and water. The author focuses on Bunner and his use of marine images. This work is a great primary source for Bunner because it provides pictures of the works discussed, as well as an in depth analysis of Bunner’s work.

“Scenery of the Upper Delaware.” The Alpine: the Art Journal of America, v.7 i.11, November 1, 1874. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=418086991&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper clipping contains an etching of a Bunner work when he was under the influence of the Hudson Valley School.

“The Fine Arts: the Water-Color Exhibition.” The Critic, v.1 i.3, February 12, 1881. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=420999011&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper clipping provides a list of other artist who created scenes of Venice along with Bunner.

“The Gallery: The Philadelphia Art Exhibition.” The Art Amateur, v.18 i.5, April 1888. http://ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/login?url=?did=433989212&Fmt=10&clientId=4340&RQT=309&VName=HNP (Accessed on 09 September 2008).

This newspaper clipping contains a description of work by Bunner that shows off his knowledge of the Dutch landscape tradition.

Secondary Sources:

Bènèzit, Emmanuel. Dictionary of Artists. Volume 3. Paris: Gründ, 2006.

This book contains a short biography, a list of museums with works by Bunner, as well as an auction record of his works.

Champin, John Denison. Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings. Volume 1. New York: Empire State Book Company, 1913.

This book includes a biography as well as works by Bunner.

Dearinger, David B. Painting and Sculpture in the National Academy of Design. New York: Hudson Hills Press, 2004.

This book has a bronze portrait of Bunner by Benoni Irwin and provides biographical information, including how the two artists knew each other and Bunner’s teacher.

Falk, Peter. The Annual Exhibition Record of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vol.2. Madison, CT: Soundview Press, 1989.

This book provided a current address, if known, for Bunner at the time of the exhibition, a list of the works that he exhibited, and the price the works sold for.

Falk, Peter. The Annual Exhibition Record of Art Institute of Chicago 1888-1950. Madison, CT: Soundview Press, 1990.

This exhibition record provided a list of works displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago, Bunner’s address at the time of the exhibition as well as a nice quote about remembering the forgotten artist.

Falk, Peter. The Annual Exhibition Record of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Volume 2. Madison, CT: Soundview Press, 1988.

This volume contains a listing of what works Bunner exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the years that he exhibited, who owned the work, and how much his work was sold for.

Falk, Peter. Who Was Who in American Art. Volume 1. Madison, CT: Soundview Press, 1999.

This book provides a list of Bunner’s addresses, what clubs and organizations he was a member of, where he exhibited, what collections have works by him, other sources that might have more information, and a sample of his signature.

Fink, Lois Marie and Joshua C. Taylor. Academy: The Academic Tradition in American Art. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1975.

This book provides a background on how exhibitions at academies in America worked.

Halsby, Julian. Venice, The Artist’s Vision: A Guide to British and American Painters. London: Trafalgar Square, 1992.

This book contains a background for foreign artists in Venice. Why Venice appealed to them and how different art movements viewed the city. Bunner is only mentioned in the dictionary in the back, but the book provides an idea of what contemporaries were doing in Venice.

“History of the Grand Tour”. http://www.grand-tour.org/history.htm. (Accessed on 2 December 2008).

This website provided an overview of the Grand Tour. This website was very helpful in providing an idea of how Americans viewed the Grand Tour and themselves as taking up the mantle of the Venetians.

Katlan, Alexander W. The Black and White Exhibitions of the Salmagundi Sketch Club 1878-1887: a guide to etchings, engravings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, oils, and monotypes. New York: Conservator Inc., 2007.

This book provided a list of works Bunner exhibited at the Salmagundi Club as well as the price that each work was listed, and presumably sold, at.

Lovell, Margaretta M. A Visitable Past: Views of Venice by American Artists 1860-1915. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989.

This book provides a look at how Americans viewed the city of Venice and how this view changed over time. The author describes works by Bunner as well as places Bunner in context with some of his contemporaries working in Venice.

Naylor, Maria. National Academy of Design Exhibition Record 1861-1900. New York: Kennedy Galleries Inc., 1973.

This book provided a current address for Bunner at the time of the exhibition, a list of the works at the exhibition, as well as the price the works were sold for.

“Turner, J. M. W.”  The Oxford Dictionary of Art. Ed. Ian Chilvers. Oxford University Press, 2004. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.  University of Mary Washington.  2 December 2008  <http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t2.e3541>

This website provided basic background information about Turner as well as about his time and works on Venice.

“Whistler, James Abbott McNeill”  The Oxford Dictionary of American Art and Artists. Ann Lee Morgan, Oxford University Press, 2007. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.  University of Mary Washington.  2 December 2008  <http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t238.e1419>

This website provided background information for Whistler and especially his works in Venice.


Hello, I am looking for a source for direct quotes from A F. Bunner about his Venetian paintings. I would appreciate any quotes or sources you would suggest, thank you, Linda Chappel

Hi Linda,

Unfortunately, I have not seen any personal notes from Bunner about his works.

You could try contacting The Met to see if they have any of his personal letters.


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