Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista, interior, det. (photograph by Marjorie Och)

We’ve been busy…  Our online exhibit is very much a work in progress that, we hope, will continue in future offerings of the seminar on Venice.  Please feel free to comment on the work you see or contact us for further information in the text field below.  And thank you for visiting “Venice.”


I am very impressed with the breadth of subjects covered, and in several cases, the depth of the analysis. I was particularly taken by Caitlin Vance’s discussion of spolia at San Marco; Samantha West’s analysis of Venetian printing and the Reformation; and Teresa Duncan’s explanation of the chemistry of Istrian stone in the section on Conservation.
(I could not find any content under Confident Anxiety. Too much confidence and not enough anxiety on the part of the author, perhaps?).

A note on the structure of the individual pages — I preferred to have the entire text scrollable on the screen, rather than a short intro followed by links to sections. This is only a personal preference, such as one might voice in preferring the music of Benedetto Marcello to that of Antonio Vivaldi. . . Congratulations to all!

This Venice Exhibit was amazing to look at especially after since I went to Venice a few years ago and it was great to see the beautiful Facade of San Marco again except it was even more incredible in person. Leaning about the myth of Venice in the architecture of Jacopo Sansovino was a new interesting insight I have not heard before.

I need to know how to cite your information for my essay!!! I am using info from the article “Dress of the Courtesans” under “Early Modern Venetian Clothing,” please help!!!!

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